E-one – A sleekly designed EDC tool

Antdesign introduces an extremely portable and convenient tool, in titanium for everyday use.

We are from antdesign, we have designed a unique, sleek, efficient, EDC (every-day carry) tool. With the help of designers and prototypers, we have brainstormed the best product for you with the blend of creativity, professional knowledge, and the demands of the modern world.


E-one by antdesign provides you with a convenient, fast, and effective solution when you need tools in a hurry. E-one is an all-in-one tool with a magnetic and autodoor screwdriver, removable clip, bottle opener, nail file, and prybar.


We believe that your everyday carry essentials reflect you and your lifestyle. So, we have intricately designed our product to match your style while being extremely portable and convenient so that you can carry it everywhere you go. You can attach it to your keychains, jackets, and bags and be worry-free about class and style while carrying it along.


Sometimes you just need an effective and portable tool in a time of need. E-one is an all-in-one tool comprising a screwdriver, removable clip, bottle opener, nail file, and prybar. We have eliminated the bulk, weight, and hassle of carrying each tool separately, creating a seamless experience for you every single day. So, being exquisitely designed with the best state-of-the-art technology, exceptional quality material, and aesthetic sense, extreme one by antdesign is the go-to tool for you all.

An all-in-one tool

This unique take on the EDC tool combines a sleek design with an exquisite combination of a screwdriver, removable clip, bottle opener, nail file, ruler,fire and prybar in an extremely compact, robust design.


Removable clip

Bottle Opener

Nail File



Exquisite design

E-one by antdesign is the perfect-sized tool for modern-day use. It is made up of titanium with an exquisite design to match your style.

First autodoor edc screwdriver

Our EDC screwdriver is the first of its type being the first-ever auto door screwdriver in EDC tools. Store your screwdriver in the auto door and become worry-free.
But that’s not it! It comes with dual features of an auto door and being magnetic. So, remove the screwdriver from the auto-door, install it to the site by its magnetic feature and use it.Once you are done you can again store it in the auto-door.

Dual-Magnetic Mount

A magnetic screwdriver gives the tool increased control over the screws it is driving. Magnetic force helps prevent fasteners from falling during a task. Magnetic screwdrivers with multiple screwdriver tips can be used on a wide variety of repairs and projects. E-one comes with high capacity magnetic sockets, ensuring every bit and every screw stays in place.


E-one can store 1 piece of 1/4’bit.Apart from the included bit sets, E-one works with any standard bit.

Removable Pocket Clip

We designed removable pocket clip. You can adjust the installation location according to your preference.


E-one by antdesign is exquisitely designed to be compact and ultraportable, making it a necessary part of your everyday carry items.We pushed the boundaries by making it ultra-portable for everyday carriage, yet the efficiency and durability are not compromised because we want to provide you with nothing but the best.

Lightweight & Durable

Being robust, sleek, and classy– our simple yet effective tool is extremely portable, and exquisitely designed to last longer than ordinary tools. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Our product is portable yet durable so you can trust it anytime, wherever you go be it long drives, camping, or a long walk.

Always there, never in the way

Being a passionate collector of unique, sleek, efficient, EDC (every-day carry) items, I know the struggle to find the ultimate gadget with striking aesthetics, creativity, and expertise, so E-one by Antdesign is designed to make your everyday life easier. This is an essential pocket tool that’s always there for you when you need it and won’t get in the way when you don’t.


We provide two kinds of materials.Titanium(Grade5) & Brass.You can choose the insert you like.(Insert:Ti/Copper/Timascus)