N-Power: Innovative Pocket-Sized Tool for Stress Management

Discover N-Power, a versatile, adaptive fidget gadget designed to alleviate stress, boost focus, and transform your day-to-day life.

We navigate a relentless cycle of fast-paced living and mounting pressures in today’s world. As such, our lives are filled with bustling work schedules, rapidly evolving technologies, intricate relationships, and unending personal aspirations. Amidst this intricate web, a desire burgeons for an effective method to combat and curb stress as soon as it creeps in. This widespread need was the spark that ignited the Antdesign team’s inspiration to create N-Power.

Introducing N-Power, a revolutionary fidget toy meticulously designed to tackle the stress of our high-pressure existence. We set out to craft a tool capable of aiding individuals to decompress, cultivate inner tranquility, and bolster focus. N-Power is our solution, a compact yet potent stress-relief aid.

Introducing N-POWER

N-Power has two distinct modes, offering a versatile toolkit for managing stress. What’s more, with the supplied conversion kit, you can effortlessly transition between Mode A and Mode B, ensuring that N-Power continually aligns with your evolving daily needs.

Mode A: Haptic Coin + Ring Haptic Spinner

Mode A pairs the Haptic Coin with the Ring Haptic Spinner—a ring-shaped tactile spinner to be twirled on your finger, providing rich, tactile feedback. This mode is perfect for times when focus and calm are essential, supplying a deep level of tactile engagement that assists in mood modulation and enhances concentration.

Mode B: Haptic Coin + Spinner

Mode B couples the Haptic Coin with a Spinner, serving a more vibrant experience designed for those moments when there’s excess energy to burn or agitation to ease. This mode introduces an element of light-hearted fun into your otherwise hectic routine.


One of N-Power’s standout features is its adjustable resistance design. Whether you prefer the intense stimulation from high resistance or the soothing calm of low resistance, you can customize it accordingly with the included springs. N-Power empowers you to craft your unique stress-relief aid.


Compact in size and convenient to carry, N-Power is designed to be within reach whenever stress arises. Its durable and premium-quality materials guarantee longevity, providing excellent value for every dollar spent.