S-Nano: A Multi-Functional Haptic Fidget Slider For Healing And Relaxing

Do you feel the urge to click, flip, or spin something all the time? Something portable but more haptic in everyday life?
Antdesign offers a fresh take on creativity, providing a visual treat to entice your audience. We make your first impression last by designing the haptic slider for individuals who like fidgeting all the time.


Our S-NANO fidget comes with all you can expect from it. Our product is durable, handy, and multi-purpose. The purpose of the fidget slider is to reduce anxiety and minimise annoying habits.


The Ant Designs S-NANO lets you express your excess energy in a profoundly enjoyable and satisfying way. This visually appealing fidget offered a specific functionality and slid smoothly and effortlessly. It provides enough grip that it wouldn’t leave your thumbs sore from extended use.We have maintained its design by using sliding versus friction, magnet pull versus freedom of movement, and grip versus hand feel in a balanced way. It gives a haptic experience that just feels right.Backers should pledge to our Kickstarter campaign because of our S-NANO Antdesign unique features:

Unique Structure

We use a unique design,unique structure to keep S-NANO strong.It never disintegrates when you enjoy it.

Smooth sliding with clear sounds

Magnetic Levitation Design

We are the first haptic slider to use a magnetic levitation design.We use magnet inversion to improve smoothness.

How it works?

The cyan and pink are magnets.They are attracted to each other by magnetic.We put another magnet between them to repel them.This reduces touch and improves smoothness.

Slides both ways

Symmetric Design

We use a symmetrical design to match your hands.Whether you are left or right handed.

Support of the tritium tube

We have reserved space for tritium tube. So you can DIY it. Or buy it from us. Notice:The pledge price don’t include any tritium tube.

Replaceable magnet

1.Magnets are the most important for haptic slider.Over time, the magnetism will weaken.So we use replaceable magnet for keeping magnetism.

2.Build your own S-NANO.You can adjust the haptic strength by changing the magnet.If you like strong haptic, you can use more stronger magnets.Instead, you can use weak magnets.Your S-NANO is always the best.

Replaceable panel

“There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”.We use interchangeable panels to suit different people’s aesthetics.We provide 7 panels for your choice.

Pocket size

Pocket size, carry around.

Extreme Quality With Competitive Price

Without a doubt, we have the best quality of EDC products.We got almost 100% positive reviews.The most important thing is that our products are priced reasonably.


We provide three kinds of material:

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Zirconium