Comma 2.0

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Comma 2.0: World’s Most Powerful Fidget With Solid Results


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Comma 2.0 is a unique fidgeting toy that has been produced by Antdesign – a brand that takes pride in coming up with everyday tools with a touch of uniqueness and one-serves-all kind of designs. After the immense success of our Comma fidget, we have come up with another fidget that does much more than simply spinning and is more powerful and bigger than before.
Comma 2.0 is created to fulfill all your sensory needs that any other basic fidget might not be able to. Made of the strongest stainless steel, our fidget comes with different accessories and yet, manages to be portable enough for you to take it along everywhere you want.
Our Comma 2.0 is an all-in-one spinner that incorporates haptic click, maze game, circular ruler, DIY-ability, and much more. Not just that, but we made sure not to leave any design point in vain and hence, endowed the backside with three different functionalities. The backside of this fidget can serve as a bottle opener, box opened, and a screwdriver as and when required.
Unbelievable, right? We totally understand that it can get very hard to believe in something as simple as a fidget spinner to serve so many functions and still be durable enough to last you for years. But we urge you to trust us once and give this fidget a try.
We are sure that you’d never turn back to a basic fidget spinner after trying your hands on comma 2.0 for once!


Additional information


Ss, Ti, Brass


Beadblast, Black, Colorful, Gray, Silver, Stonewash

Front Panel

Daisy-A, Daisy-B, Maze, Spiral Line, Solar System, Circle Ruler, Smile

Back Panel

Dice, 12 Points, Runes, Yes-No

20 reviews for Comma 2.0

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  1. Don McCullough (verified owner)

    This is the best meditative fidget toy I have ever owned! Totally customizable to achieve what you want. I love the haptic feedback tightens the screw mode. It gives you a lovely light haptic feedback sound and brings harmony to your mind.

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  2. Kaya Sinclair

    My fidget and clicker coin arrived – they’re great! love the adjustable spinning. very satisfying.

    I have a second use for the clicker coin though – it makes a great sound for dog training. I’ll be using it to start clicker training with my puppy. Usually clickers are cheap plastic, and you have to apply a fair amount of awkward of pressure wiht a thumb or finger to get the click noise. This is pretty great – can make the click with the palm of the hand if you need to, and you can repeatedly click fast.
    You could probably advertise dog clicker-training as an additional usage!

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  3. Martine Dubois

    I received my spinner and all of its changeable parts yesterday and it is perfect. You can customized the haptic feedback (string click to ultra quiet), it fits perfectly in my hand and purse for carrying it everywhere. The faces have very strong magnets so they will not fall off when you use it.

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  4. Andrew (verified owner)

    This is amazing and addicting, I order it from kickstarter and decided to order two more from here. I love how you can customize the fidget and also can make a haptic coin click. I always take it to work with me, I’m surprised no one has made a review on it on YouTube yet or not many is aware of this product even exist???

    (0) (0)
  5. Jake

    Very pleased with finished product!

    (0) (0)
  6. Luke McKean

    I got mine today and over all I’m very pleased.

    (0) (0)
  7. Gregory Lee

    Received mine and extremely well made!

    (0) (0)
  8. Cory Oxhandler

    Still loving the comma!

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  9. Denis Shmidt

    Just received mine in LA. Definitely cool and lots of functionality.

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  10. Erin Mycal

    Received mine in Alberta, Canada! Very pleased. I immediately regretted choosing dials/faces without much grip (Maze & ruler) and bought an additional daisy face off the antdesign site.

    Extremely satisfied with the ratcheting option

    (0) (0)
  11. Mel Mah

    Received my SS in Canada yesterday, very solid piece.

    (0) (0)
  12. MARTIN Caroline

    Just received mine, very happy, it’s really cool. I Love it

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  13. Aaron Harvey

    Got my comma today and love it.

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  14. Marie Rožková (verified owner)

    Very good fidget, doesn’t feel cheap, feels great in hand. “Fidgetting” feels satisfying. Delivery was fast and without any hustle. Great product over all and will buy more products.

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  15. Kota SHIGEMURA (verified owner)

    I purchased titanium daisyA and solar system.It is great except that the rotation stops as soon as I don’t tilt the unit in a certain direction. For me, there is friction between the front panel and the body and between the backside arrow and the body. Because of this, if I stand the unit up and turn it, or if the backside points up even slightly, the rotation stops immediately. I hope these are just due to individual differences. I recommend at least one Daisy panel for everybody. Daisy is far better for spinner than solar system. I also like solar system,
    it looks pretty cool. I appreciate for early shipping.

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  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nicely made fidget.

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  17. keith (verified owner)

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  18. richard c. (verified owner)

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  19. Frank H. F. (verified owner)

    Well built and designed toy.

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  20. Don (verified owner)

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